How It Works

Everyone Wins with a Redeem Fundraiser. Here’s how

Step 1

Register your Campaign

Create your account with a username, password, email address, etc.

You will be redirected to your "Campaign Form" to fill in as much information and click the submit campaign button.  If you are not-redirected, log back in and hit the “Add New Campaign” button and fill in the form.

Step 2

Wait for acceptance

A dedicated Account Representative from Redeem Fundraising will review and accept your campaign.  After acceptance of your campaign you will receive an email.

Step 3

Get an acceptance and login

Through the email you recieve log into your account with the username and password created in step 1. 

  • In the "Campaign Collaborators" Tab at the bottom of the screen enter each campaign collaborator's email address either one at a time or with an excel template provided and click on "Invite Collaborator" (Campaign Collaboroaters are your team/members that will be doing the fundraiser).

If you add Campaign Collaborators later, you will need to log back in and find your campaign under “My Campaigns” then click on the image to get back to your fundraising page.

Step 4

Campaign Collaborators will get an email

Your Campaign Collaborators will get an email as detailed below; they need to enter the following information under the "Custom Message" tab at the bottom of the screen.

·         Enter Campaign Collaborator's Name

·         Enter a Personal Message (For example - Hi, This is David with the Allen Elementary Football Team, please help us reach our goal by donating to our fundraiser). 

·         Click the Save button. The page will reload.

·         Go back to the "Custom Message" tab and click on "Get my custom email message" link, this will send the "Personal Invite Email" to their email address.

·         The Campaign Collaborator will then forward that "Personal Invite Email" to everyone in your email contact list.


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